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What Makes Us Inherently Us 

Interstate Batteries is a mission-driven company fueled by our Purpose (to glorify God) and guided by our Values (Love, Servant’s Heart, Excellence, Courage, Team, Fun and Integrity). Interstate team members can expect a flexible work environment respectful of life-work balance that also offers opportunity to play a role in the transformation of a 68-year-old iconic brand.

Our frequent (at least quarterly) team member engagement surveys tell us that Interstate team members value working for a company with a purpose greater than just making money or selling batteries. Team members enjoy our workplace flexibility (the ability to work from home or leave early to attend children’s events) and appreciate being able to bring their whole selves to a workplace that seeks to nourish not only their professional, but also their physical, emotional and spiritual health. The ability to work on progressive, innovative and often industry-changing projects also rates very highly on our surveys.

Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

To glorify God and enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power to the world.

We fulfill our purpose by doing business based on Biblical principles – such as honesty, humility, service, and care – in a way that is welcoming and loving to all. As a company contributor, you are free to interact with the purpose in whatever way is most meaningful to you. Our values, however, are unchanging, and we ask that our team members try their best to live them as they serve our key stakeholders: team members, customers, distributors and franchisees, suppliers and vendors, communities and shareholders. By creating a welcoming and caring environment, we hope to create a positive experience for our team members and everyone else whom Interstate touches, no matter their background or belief system.

Our Values

  Our Purpose is why we exist. Our Values drive how we go about that existence and represent who we are.


Treats others like you want to be treated.

Servants Heart

Lead with what people need.


Do great things with the gifts you've been given.


Learn, improve and boldly drive change that matters.


Work hard, laugh often.


Together, we're better.


Be who you are and live up to your commitments.

  Along with Interstate’s seven values, team members inspire and encourage each other by sharing an eighth value that’s as special and unique as every person’s fingerprint.

How It All Started

When John Searcy founded Interstate Batteries in 1952, his vision was for the company to help its team members, distributors and partners provide for their families and give back to their communities. Selling batteries was just a vehicle to accomplish a much broader goal.  He wanted to make his company about something more than profits, to work in a way that would please God. John treated people as he would want to be treated and modeled this well to his whole team, including our Chairman Norm Miller.  When Norm began to run the company in 1978, he held true to these ideals and within a number of years Norm included “to glorify God” in our mission statement.  In 2013, we further defined our purpose and articulated a set of core values with input from all our key stakeholders.

In Case You’re wondering…

Do I have to be a Christian to work here?

No. Interstate hires and promotes team members based on their ability to fulfill their job duties in a way that aligns with our values – focusing on Love, Servant’s Heart, Excellence, Courage, Team, Fun and Integrity.

 Will I fit in here? Our culture is welcoming and is respectful to team members with different perspectives, backgrounds, talents, and belief systems. If you’re ready to do great things with the gifts you’ve been given (as stated in our value of Excellence), and work hard and laugh often (as outlined in our value of Fun), then yes, you’ll fit right in.

How does it look on a daily basis? While there is a spiritual aspect to Interstate’s work environment, it is absolutely up to each team member whether or not they choose to participate in the optional activities.

  • You may see prayer requests come to your email from the Chaplain's Group.
  • On occasion, there may be prayer before meals or some meetings.

  • There is a Chaplain on staff who is available to help team members in need and to organize volunteer opportunities.

  •  Some lunches with speakers or studies may also be Biblically-based. 

Scott Miller, CEO of Interstate Batteries, hosts regular round-table discussions with team members.

Miller Time

This is a quarterly gathering that provides an open forum for team members to meet and talk with our CEO Scott Miller. 


Dale Herold in costume on stage at Green Day

Green Day

This is a celebration where all team members get together once a year for a state-of-the company address and to feel appreciated. Team Members of the Year are announced, prizes are awarded and overall, everyone has fun.                                                                                         

Battery Bowl, Interstate Batteries team member field day

Battery Bowl

The annual Battery Bowl is a field day of friendly competition where all team members come together to play games and go head to head for the coveted Battery Bowl Trophy. The winning team gets to donate a lump sum of cash from our CEO to a charity of its choice.

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