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We led the way in recycling even before environmental programs became popular. Although we sell more than 17 million batteries each year, our recycle rate is about 25 million spent batteries a year. Today, we're the No. 1 battery recycler of lead-acid batteries in the U.S., achieving one of the highest recycling percentages of most industries, including tires, aluminum, paper and plastic. Contact Interstate PowerCare to begin recycling today.

Let Interstate take care of your business recycling needs by:
  • Leveraging our expertise by effectively managing battery recycling.
  • Providing centralized management for order placements, weekly payments and detailed order records.
  • Minimizing the environmental and safety risks by complying with our Green Standard system.

After a battery's useful life, its contents can become an environmental hazard. Interstate's comprehensive recycling system ensures compliance with all environmental and transportation laws. Our certified personnel handle batteries from start to finish, and special packaging ensures stable and safe transport for every core. At Interstate Batteries, we make it easy being green.

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