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Interstate Powercare® offers one of the most extensive lines in battery chargers in the motive industry, including the most advanced technologies to keep your fleet running.

For decades, the industry has struggled to provide improved solutions that deliver more operational runtime while simultaneously lowering cost of ownership. We found the solution: improved charging system technology. Our charging expertise offers additional lifespan, increased runtime and decreased maintenance.

Single-Shift Chargers

These chargers provide power for single-shift or fractional-shift operations on electric pallet jacks with access to single-phase power. Our product lines offer both conventional and high-frequency, single shift chargers.

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Conventional Chargers

Conventional chargers provide power for a single cycle per day of 80% rated battery capacity. Interstate PowerCare's line of conventional chargers includes ferroresonant and silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) charging systems.

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High-Frequency Chargers

Efficiency is everything. High-frequency chargers feature high energy efficiency and a high, constant power factor to reduce operating cost. Fully recharge your batteries 3-5 times faster than conventional units, without requiring any significant modifications to the battery.

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