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Climate Map | Get reliable extreme weather batteries from Interstate Batteries

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Cycling and climate batteries

Get longer life by choosing the right battery for you. Whether you're battling Jack Frost or the Heat Miser, choosing the right battery from Interstate will keep your car running smoothly. Interstate Batteries® uses your climate and driving conditions to find the perfect battery for any weather.

Climate Zone Map

Cycling Battery

Lightening bolt iconAre you straining your battery life with the engine turned off? If you are listening to music, watching DVDs or pinpointing your location with a GPS, a cycling battery from Interstate Batteries will keep you running longer.

Climate Battery

Is your battery fighting the extreme heat or battling the super cold? Get a battery that meets your climate needs.

Snow iconLongest life in cold to moderate climates due to higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC) ratings.

Sun iconLongest life in hot to moderate climates due to high electrolyte-to-lead ratio.