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Interstate Batteries - Outrageously Dependable
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Designed for High Accessory-Load Vehicles

Your vehicle serves as more than just transportation: It's also your mobile office and family entertainment center, keeping you plugged in while out and about. You and your car pull double-duty, and your battery should, too. The Interstate® MT7 AGM delivers the power to start your engine again and again, and it also provides plenty of deep-cycle power for today's high-tech accessories like:

  • Laptop Computers
  • Touch-Screen Monitors
  • Bluetooth® Devices
  • Satellite Radios
  • Cellphones
  • GPS Devices
  • DVD Players
  • Seat Warmers

Double the Life, Half the Worries

If the best battery is the one you never have to think about, the MT7 AGM reigns supreme. This absorbed glass-mat (AGM) powerhouse boasts four times the deep-cycling performance of conventional AGM batteries, has double the expected lifespan and is backed by a 4-year, free-replacement warranty. Peace of mind has never come so easy.

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