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Marine Batteries - More fun on the water with Interstate Batteries
Proven Power for the Journey
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Start your journey with Interstate Batteries®. Premium power for speeding through the waves or trolling around – Interstate has you covered.


ECL Professional

ECL Professional™ »

Full of starting and staying power, the ECL Professional provides 50% more cycles than conventional batteries.

Marine AGM

Marine AGM »

Pure lead for pure, 2-in-1 performance to power both your tolling motor and main prop – plus tons of accessories whether your motor's running or not.

Deep Cycle and Starting Battery

Deep Cycle »

These batteries are primarily used to provide long-running power for accessories or trolling motors.

Starting Battery

Starting »

These batteries are used to start your watercraft. Available in various cranking strengths.

Personal Watercraft Battery

Personal Watercraft »

Rugged, dependable batteries for your personal watercraft. Choose from conventional, absorbed glass-mat or fully activated.

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