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Ready for batteries that work as hard as you do? The rechargeable batteries from Interstate do double duty – they can be recharged hundreds of times, so they save you money and reduce the impact on the planet at the same time. They're perfect for the devices you use every day – cameras, flashlights, remotes, toys and more.

And right now we're offering a 15% savings on our Interstate brand rechargeable batteries. Make the switch to rechargeable! You save some green and the Earth stays a little greener.

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Battery Recycling

Every Day

Don’t know what to do with your old or dead batteries? Bring them to us. We accept all your household batteries for recycling, including your old power tool and automotive batteries.

Free Battery Test

Every Day

Get peace of mind in about 60 seconds: Let us test your car’s battery. Our advanced ED-18 battery and electrical system tester will tell you how your battery’s performing and give you an indication of how much longer it will last. The test is always free, and the reassurance it offers is priceless.


171 Macfarlane Rd Unit C
Ottawa, Cn, ON K2E 6V4

Call: 613-798-9700

  • Weekdays:
  • Saturday: CLOSED
  • Sunday: CLOSED
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We pay cash for all lead acid batteries and offer FREE recycling of alkaline, Ni-Cad, nickel metal and lithium batteries.

Business Accounts

With volume discounts, convenient delivery and employee pricing discounts, opening a commercial account may be the best business decision you've made all day!

Custom Assembly

We build battery packs for all your power solutions..







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