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Last chance to power your next fundraiser

Looks like you caught us just in the nick of time. Interstate Batteries® Fundraising will be closing its doors soon, but we don't want to go without giving you one last opportunity.

We're sad our fundraising program is coming to an end this spring. So give our mood a CHARGE by sending us your order by May 23 and receive these powerful benefits!

AA 8-pack
    • 50% profit
    • No minimum order required
    • Free shipping
    • Quick turnaround

Products People Need

AA 24-pack

Did you know that the average American home uses 26 different battery-powered devices? Everyone uses alkaline batteries. It's that simple. Interstate's fundraising products are sure to be a winner with customers. Think about it – flashlights, smoke detectors, remote controls, game controllers, plus a wide variety of toys all require alkaline batteries. Why not sell something everyone needs?

Quality, Dependability and Service

Raising funds with a brand people trust has never been easier. Interstate goes to great lengths to ensure customers have confidence in our brand. After all, Interstate has more than 60 years of experience. Your sellers can help family, friends and neighbors have new alkaline batteries whenever they need them.

Sell the need. Buy the dependability. Power your fundraiser with Interstate Batteries and watch your fundraising dollars surge!


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