Wheel Chair and Mobile Scooter Battery
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Our Mobility Batteries are Your Complete Solution

Here at Interstate Batteries® our mobility batteries keep you on the move. Every Interstate battery is guaranteed to perform under pressure. Higher capacity, lower internal resistance and the ability to maintain high-level voltage during discharge give our batteries longer life and quicker response times.

Working with the Best

Interstate Batteries offers the best options in mobility power. Our batteries are all backed by a one-year free replacement warranty. The top-of-the-line, deep-cycle batteries found through Interstate Batteries work harder, longer to keep you moving.

Go Anywhere, Anyway

Each of our batteries features the Department of Transportation/International Air Transport Association symbol as well, ensuring you can take the mobility batteries over land, sea or air without removal from the chair. Each mobility battery passes all travel requirements for pressure, vibration and crack/rupture standards. Trust Interstate Batteries to get you where you need to go.

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Interstate Mobility Battery
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