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Cells phones have rapidly emerged as the ultimate anywhere, anytime means of communication for families, friends, executives, teenagers and college students. With more than 1.7 billion cell phone subscribers around the world, the demand for smaller, longer-lasting batteries remains stronger than ever.

As mobile phone designs continue to improve through technological advancements, choosing the right wireless phone battery is a key element in prolonging your phone’s life.

The capacity of your cellular phone is generally measured in milli-Ampere hours (mAh). This indicates how much power the battery can hold. The higher the mAh rating, the more talk time and standby time you can expect to receive.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing cellphone batteries is memory effect. This means the battery gradually loses its maximum energy capacity if it is repeatedly recharged after being only partially discharged. The battery essentially “forgets” it has the capacity to fully discharge.

Interstate Batteries offers cell phone batteries from all manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia, Kyocera, Nextel and Samsung and can ensure you find the right battery for your particular mobile phone application. Just click on the tabs above to learn about the differences between Lithium-Ion, Lithium Ion Polymer, NiMh or NiCad batteries for your cellular phone. We also provide a variety of cell phone battery chargers and accessories to choose from and offer a one-year warranty on all makes and models.

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