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The most common type of battery used today is the dry cell battery. There are many different types of batteries ranging from the relatively large flashlight batteries to the smaller versions used in wristwatches and calculators.

A dry-cell battery is essentially comprised of a metal electrode or graphite rod (elemental carbon) surrounded by a moist electrolyte paste enclosed in a metal cylinder.

Alkaline batteries have long shelf lives and they do not suffer the memory effects of Nickel-cadmium batteries. Also, alkaline batteries do not self-discharge. Batteries that are not recharged before use will not supply the full amount of stored energy, this does not happen with common alkaline batteries.

Other types of dry cell batteries are the silver battery, mercury cell, and nickel/cadmium battery. Unlike the other types of dry cells, the nickel/cadmium cell can be recharged like the lead-acid battery.

Typical household dry cell batteries can be rechargeable or single-use and are used for power tools, cameras, flashlights and other items.

Interstate offers a 1 year warranty on our dry cell batteries.

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