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Two-way radios are all about communication and connectivity, but they can quickly and completely lose their power without dependable batteries. That’s why thousands of people depend on Interstate Batteries to keep them working throughout the day.

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0-9 A-D E-L M-P R-Y
19120225 BKB19105/1 EDACS300P MBPA5C R52932
191202500R5A BKB191202 GP405STX MGPA5B RAY1210NM
191A149838P2 BKB191202/2 H9S85X MGPA5C SPD2000
19A149838P BKB191202500 HA8VSX MONOGRAM SPD7100P
19A149838P1 BKB191202500R5A HAPA7W MPA TOPB300
19A149838P2 BKB191202R1B HAPA9N MPA16 TPX
19A149838P3 BKB191202R2A HAPA9P MPD VETOPB5U0
19A704723 BKB191202R4A HTPA9N MPI 2 WATT VETOPH2110GO
19A704850P1 BKB191203 HTPA9P MPI 4 WATT XG-100P
19A704850P3 BKB191203/1 J-700P MPZ  
19A704850P5 BKB191203/2 JAGUAR MR-K  
19A704850P7 BKB191203/500 JAGUAR 700P MRK II  
19A704860P1 BKB1912032R1A KDPA9C MRKI  
19A704860P4 BKB1912032R3A KPC 300 MRKII  
19A704860P7 BKB1912032R4 KPC 300 PRISM MTL  
19A705293P1 BKB1912032R4P KPC 400 NPC200  
19A705293P2 BKB191203KPPA7L KPC 400 PRISM NPC50  
19A705293P3 BKB191203R1 KPPA7L P3  
19A705293P4 BKB191203R1C KPPA7M P400  
19A705293P5 BKB191203R2A LPE 120 P5-PA14  
19C850977P1 BKB191205 LPE 200 P5100  
19D900639G1 BKB191205/2 LPE 200S P5130  
19D900639G2 BKB191205/3 LPE 400 P5150  
19D900639G4 BKB191205/4 LPE-120 P5200  
19D900639G6 BKB191205/8 LPE50 P7  
344A3278P1 BKB1912051   P7100  
344A3278P2 BKB1912051R2A   P7100IP  
344A3487P1 BKB1912053   P7130  
344A4506P1 BKB1912053R1   P7150  
344A4506P3 BKB191205R2A   P7170  
344A456P1 BKB191206   P7200  
400P COUGAR BKB191206/1   P7230  
400P PANTHER BKB191206/3   P7250  
41B020AJ00801 BKB191208/1   P7270  
41B025AK00201 BKB1912081A1   P7400  
41B025AK00501 BKB1912081RA1   PA1C  
44A3278P2 BKB1912087R1A   PA1CC  
500P BKB19120R2A   PA1D  
5100 BKB191210   PA1F  
600P COUGAR BKB191210/4   PA2TPX  
600P PANTHER BKB191210/43   PANTHER 405P  
625P COUGAR BKB191210/5   PANTHER 500  
625P PANTHER BKB191210/6   PANTHER 500P  
700P BKB1912103   PANTHER 605P  
700PI BKB1912104R5A   PAPA14  
7100P BKB191212/3   PAPA15  
710P BKB1912121   PAPA16  
9A705293P1 BKB19121211   PB200  
  BKB1912122   PB300  
  BKB1912124   PB800  
  BKB19203   PC1H3A02  
  BKB193   PC1H3A0B  
  BKB207   PC8LGS  
  BKB210   PCS  
  BP1202   PCSH  
  BZ2781   PCSH3  
  COMB A91   PKPA1X  

We want you to be completely satisfied with every battery you purchase from Interstate

If you are not completely satisfied with an item that you purchased, you may return most items within 45 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping charges.

For exceptions, please refer to Warranty Exclusions and Return Exclusions.

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