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Make sure you’re ready for every special moment with Outrageously Dependable® camcorder batteries. Interstate carries hundreds of different batteries for just about any make, model, or size. Whether your battery died last month or last decade, you can find what you need at Interstate Batteries.

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0-9 A-D E-L M-P R-Y
3m Healthcare Actema ELMO Maginon Quasar
  Agfa Photo Emerson Magnavox R&d Batteries
  Aim Empire Marantz Radio Shack/Tandy
  Aiptek Energex Marquette Medical RCA
  Airis Energy France Maxell Realistic
  Akai Enersys Medical Industries REL
  Aldi Enhanced Vision Medion Revue
  Alphasource Epson Memorex Ricoh
  Ambico Everfocus METZ Rmd Instruments
  Aml Fameart Mikron Rollei
  AMPS Ferguson Minox Rosslare
  Anton Bauer Firstline Mitsubishi Rowi
  Any Battery Fisher MK Battery Rownsonic
  Aosta Friwo Montgomery Wards SABA
  AtBatt Fujifilm Motorola Saft
  Audiovox Fujitsu MSA Sakar
  Avant Fujix NABC Samsung
  Avon Isi Gateway NEC Sanyo
  Aztec Gemini Nigata Satter
  B & H Photo Video General Electric / Ge Nikon Schneider
  Batteries 4 Broadcast Genesis Nordmende Sealed Power
  Batteries R Us GFX Optex Sealife
  Battery Zone GGI/Ultra Power Orion Research Inc Seleco
  Battery-Biz GN National OSI Batteries Sharp
  Bauer Bosch Goldstar Panasonic Siemens
  Beaulieu Gopro Philco Somikon
  Bebob Engineering Graetz Philips Sonnenschein
  Bell & Howell Grundig Photoco Sony
  Ben Q GTE Portapower Spectracom
  Bescor Hahnel Power Line Speed Digital
  Bhm Medical HAMA Powersonic Stedicam
  Blaupunkt Heiman Powertron Sunpak
  Blueshape Hewlettpackard Praktica Svp
  Bosch Hitachi Premier Switronix
  Camcad IDX Proforce Sylvania
  Camgear Ikan Proscan Technika
  Camlink Ikegami Prosio Telefunken
  Canon Insight   Telepower
  Cargo Insignia   Tempest
  Casio Instant Replay   Texas Infrared
  Chinon Interstate Batteries   Thomson
  Cisco Invivo Research Inc   Toshiba
  Contax ITT   Traveller
  Craftsman/Sears Jasco   Ufo
  Cresta JCPenney   Ultralast
  Critikon Inc Jenoptik   Ultrapower
  Cullmann Juniper   Unipower
  Curtis Mathes JVC   Universal Battery
  Daewoo Kodak   Universal Power Group
  Dantona Kung Long   Universum
  Dap Technologies Kyocera   Unomat
  Datascope Corp Lawmate   Us Surgical
  Dbl Distributing Leica/Wild Geb   Varta
  Digilife Leoch   Vidpro
  Digipower Loewe Opta   Vision Battery
  Digital Concepts     Vivanco
  Direct Power Plus     Vivitar
  Dre Medical     Voigtlander
  Drift     Vupoint Solutions
  Drivecam     Yashica
  Dual Voltage     Yongnuo
  Dxg     Zenith
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