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2008 Lexus ES350
High Accessory Load Battery
Retail*: $254.95
List: $282.95

  • 48 MonthFree Replacement
  • Part # MT7-34R
  •  AGM (absorbed glass mat) recommended for high-accessory-load vehicles including frequent plug-in use.
Retail*: $138.95
List: $158.95

Mega-Tron Plus
Mega-Tron Plus 24F Automotive Battery   Six-Year Performance   800 CCA
  • 30 MonthFree Replacement
  • Six YearPerformance Warranty
  • 800 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)
  • Part # MTP-24F
  •  Longest life in cold to moderate climates.
Retail*: $117.95
List: $134.95

Mega-Tron II
Mega-Tron 24F Automotive Battery   Five-Year Performance   600 CCA
  • 24 MonthFree Replacement
  • Five YearPerformance Warranty
  • 600 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)
  • Part # MT-24F
  •  Longest life in hot to moderate climates.
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