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Lighting and Security

Batteries for lighting and security systems need to be as reliable as possible. Security systems are depended upon for protection of persons and property. Emergency lighting can save a life in crisis situations. These systems demand the best batteries for power, as they are too important to shortchange with unreliable, weak batteries. Fortunately, Interstate Batteries has all the powerful batteries you need to keep these systems up and running.

People depend on lighting and security systems to always been ready in case of emergency. The batteries behind these systems should be up to the challenge. Our batteries are tested for reliability and longevity, so you don't have to worry that these systems will fail when needed.

Emergency Lighting – When the electricity goes out, batteries are the source of power for emergency lighting. There is no way of knowing when power may fail and thus when emergency lighting will be needed. That's why we carry only the highest quality batteries for emergency lighting. Our batteries are capable of staying fully charged over a lengthy period with no use, which is required for this kind of system.

Flashlights – Whether used to tell ghost stories in a backyard tent or to find a way through a powerless house, flashlights need to be able to burn brightly and for many hours. Our batteries give flashlights the kind of power they need.

Security Systems – Security systems are a constant drain on batteries. It is best to use batteries like ours that can hold up to this kind of use for a long period of time without having to be changed.

Test Equipment – Batteries for test equipment need to be reliable so that readings can be trusted. Our batteries consistently stand up to the challenge.


We want you to be completely satisfied with every battery you purchase from Interstate

If you are not completely satisfied with an item that you purchased, you may return most items within 45 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping charges.

For exceptions, please refer to Warranty Exclusions and Return Exclusions.

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