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Coming Soon: Interstate All Battery Center - Fort Myers, FL

Interstate All Battery Center® is your portable power solutions resource. From your computers to delivery vehicles to exit and emergency lighting, we provide a one-stop solution to all your power needs. Why go anywhere else? Our battery experts will partner with you locally to keep your business running. Let us take care of the details with fresh batteries and constant portable power for everything from your trucks to your cellphones from Interstate All Battery Center. Want more than just batteries for your business? Coming soon, your Outrageously Dependable® batteries will be available just around corner at an Interstate All Battery Center® store. Our top-quality service experts will hook you up with everything from batteries to keep your vehicles running to accessories perfect for on-the-go charging. Enter your email below to learn more about upcoming offers and your future Interstate All Battery Center store.

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Battery Recycling

Every Day

Don’t know what to do with your old or dead batteries? Bring them to us. We accept all your household batteries for recycling, including your old power tool and automotive batteries.

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Opening Soon:

We're proud to announce a new All Battery Center coming soon to the Fort Myers area.

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We Buy Lead Batteries

Interstate All Battery Center pays cash for your old automotive batteries.

Business Accounts

With volume discounts and convenient delivery, opening a commercial account may be the best business decision you've made all day!

Need an RV Battery?

The battery you need depends on how much power you require. To help determine your needs, visit and click "Which Battery Do I Need?" for a consumption calculator for the devices you want to power. The system will also recommend the best battery to serve your needs.